WHO ARE SIX BRAVOS:   We are heathens. We are fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, grandpas, little league coaches, soldiers, cops, firemen, ranchers, tradesmen of all kinds.  We are men and women of all stripes who go the extra mile and commit to doing things beyond ourselves in order to help others and serve a higher purpose. Whether serving our country by carrying a rifle in a foreign land, riding patrol on third watch, giving our time to mentor the next generation, or simply lending a hand to those in need. 


The founders of Six Bravos (6B) -- John Gibson and Bobby Nellis, are two former Army Infantrymen who met in basic training, served together for four years, and have remained close friends for nearly thirty years. After serving as M60 and M249 SAW gunners respectively, both John and Bob became RTO's and spent much of their enlistment humping the PRC 119's wherever Uncle Sam told them to.  Like all grunts, they made the most of their time in service by remaining light-hearted and as care-free as a junior enlisted person can be.  In the field they elevated the idea of "roughing it" in style by making it sport to see who could pull of the most outlandish feats of "nesting" while in a tactical environment.  This usually meant brewing giant canteen cups of government issue "moca-chino" or turning a crappy MRE into a field expedient gourmet delight using whatever they could scrounge from their rucks and other soldiers.  Pulverized ramen noodles, hot sauce,  good ole MRE cheese spread, and you guessed it.... BEEF JERKY!

As "radio guys" their call signs were Shark-6-Bravo and Cobra-6-Bravo respectively.  Six Bravos beef jerky is born out of the experiences these guys lived as infantrymen and the ideals that have been engrained in them while in service and more generally throughout their struggles and triumphs in life.  Civilian life has dictated that Bob and John curb their behavior so as to avoid prison, but underneath the civility they are still very much principled savages.  John is a Texas rancher and in 2018 he and his son framed up the exterior walls of the smokehouse that now produces Six Bravos' jerky products.  Bob liked their jerky so much he decided to join the effort by pitching in his live savings and taking on the challenge of packaging and marketing the 6B product line. We believe there are millions of other front-line heathens skulking about just as we do. We want to engage them and if possible, help improve their lives through good food and comradery. 

John and Bobby 1994
Bobby 1994
Bobby 1992
PFC Smith
Bobby 1994

Major H.G. Duncan of the United States Marine Corps once defined a grunt as, “a term of affection used to denote that filthy, sweaty, dirt-encrusted, footsore, camouflage-painted, tired, sleepy, beautiful little son of a b*tch who has kept the wolf away from the door for over two hundred years.”